HERA Cell Bio Cream Soft

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Softer texture than original Cell Bio Cream for light and fresh finish ideal for humid summer 

A fast-absorbing texture that completes bright, younger-looking skin with a light, refreshing finish
CELL-BIO CREAM SOFT has a whole new texture that is lighter, softer and more refreshing to create bright, younger-looking skin

Omni Care for fundamental treatment of skin problems
Cell-Bio Omnifocus™ targets the core of skin problems to improve the underlying cause of skin aging

Soft texture helps makeup fit well onto the skin
The soft, fast-absorbing texture smoothes skin texture to help makeup fit well onto the skin and stay longer

Light and refreshing daily care
Its light texture with a refreshing finish makes it perfect for daily care – anytime and anywhere

How to use
- Daily care: 0.5 ml (the size of a ginkgo nut)
Apply on the face in the cream step of your skincare routine in the morning and at night and cup your face in hands to help the skin absorb the cream.

- Special care [weekly special care using the special gauze]: 1ml (the size of two ginkgo nuts)
Use CELL-BIO CREAM with special gauze once a week after using the toner. You can use extra skincare products depending on your skin type.

Order of Use
Method 1. Cell Essence > Cell-Bio Cream Soft
Method 2. Cell Essence > Modifier/Effector > Cell-Bio Cream Soft

Shelf life
Use within 24 months from the date of manufacture, and within 12 months from opening.
Keep the product at 10~30ºC away from direct sunlight.