CNP Dual-Balance Anti-Oily Toner

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Removes greasy oil: Anti-oily Effect
Refreshing and moist sensation controls grease appearance from sebum, and horseshoe apes mushroom and camellia extracts removes excessive oil around the T-zone area, restoring the skin balance.

Moisture charging as if protecting skin
While ‘CNP – Moist Pump’ supplies hydration deep into the skin for 24 hours, high concentration Hyaluronic acid creates moisturized skin without skin irritation.

Pore concentration effect

Contracts pores, which are expanded due to excessive sebum secretion, making a soft skin texture, and maintaining a clean condition by preventing troubles due to oil.

* Best for oily or combination skin


How to use

Spray a moderate amount after facial cleansing in the morning and at night to even out your skin tone.
(Spray whenever needed if you feel dry or greasy.)

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