CNP Idebenone Concentrate

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The golden time of anti-aging protected by the orange capsule at the moment when trouble begins.

Dual functional intensive care concentrate cream that improves fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth where initial aging begins and creates elastic and smooth skin


Skin proposed

1. Skin with wrinkles around the eyes when smiling brightly
2. The skin of the upper eye where the skin of the upper eye feels less elastic and thinner
3. The skin around the lower eye becomes cloudy and the horizontal wrinkles are noticeable.
4. Skin not only around the eyes, but also between the forehead of the forehead, the mouth of both sides is sagging, and the wrinkles of the arms are beginning to care.

How to use

After using the morning and evening serum, take an appropriate amount, spread it over the affected area, and then tap it gently to absorb.

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