CNP Propolis Energy Ampule Mask 3-Step

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Bright and elastic healthy skin 3 in 1 mask

It is a sheet mask that intensively manages the skin with bright and energetic healthy skin by applying three efficacy ingredients to the skin in combination with the 1st ampoule + 2nd functional mask + 3rd cream. Propolis active ingredients make skin elastic and vibrant.


Skin proposed

1) All skin
2) Dry skin

How to use

STEP01. Open Propolis Energy Ampoule (1.5ml) and apply evenly over face.
STEP02. Apply the original product of the Propolis Energy Ampoule Mask to the skin, remove the support after 10-20 minutes, and apply the remaining product evenly.
STEP03. Propolis ampoule oil in cream (1.5ml) is opened and rolled slowly and spread on face.

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