Espoir Face Slip Hydrating Compact

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An Essence Foundation that gives a dazzlingly smooth silky slip skin

Enhanced smoothness with innovation mechanisms
Essence slip layer, containing 27% moisture and hydrating ingredients, fills the gaps in the skin more tightly, creating an extremely smooth slip skin.
* Essence Slip Layer: A combination of moisturizing and oligo peptide ingredients, such as bamboo sap, coral water leaves a moist feeling in the skin when applied to the skin.

Essence base for stronger moisturizing power
It contains more than 27% of moisture and moisturizing ingredients such as bamboo sap, pomegranate extract and strong antioxidant effect.

Perfect stereoscopic face from any angle
The water-refreshing effect of the hydrating emulsion formulation creates a dazzling three-dimensional face from any angle

A neat retouch without clutter
Moist formulation is packed in air tightening compact, so you can make perfect correction without clumping or peeling.


How to use
Spread smoothly along skin texture using Pro Slip Fit Face Brush.

Porcelain - Bright cream beige
Ivory Pure - Ivory beige with calm yellow tone
Ivory Warm - Ivory beige with bright pink
Petal - Warm rose beige
Tan - Healthy dark beige

Note: The shades of this product are fit for Asians like Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. 


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