Hanyul Red Bean Peeling Mask

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A wash-off exfoliating mask containing soft Korean red bean powder that removes the dead skin cells and makes skin smooth.

The soft Korean red bean powder and natural AHA ingredients, which minimize skin stimulation, make the face clear by cleansing the wastes in the skin.
(It contains fresh red beans powder. Please use it within 6 months after opening.)

By containing canola honey and camellia oil, it moisturizes skin after exfoliating.

Nature-derived cellulose helps smooth out dead skin cells.


How to use
After face wash, please spread evenly on the dry face except the eye areas.
After application, leave it for about 1 minute until it becomes slightly dry.
Massage gently to remove dead skin cells and wash with lukewarm water.
(Recommended to use once or twice a week)


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