HERA Age Reverse Cushion

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HERA Age Reverse Cushion is a unique signature cushion foundation of HERA.
Anti-aging cushion that helps realize a firm, smooth, and radiant skin texture full of vitality for it to reach beauty climax.

1. Offers anti-aging for clearer skin full of vitality through deep care inside skin
Glyco protein water extracted from birch buds deeply moisturizes skin and takes care for the dead skin cell layer, while its wine extract SEPIVINOL™ containing polyphenol of red wine powerfully anti-oxidates to prevent skin aging.
In addition, blue and pink pigments have been added and color formation technology applied for a brighter color complextion full of vitality improved from the existing dullness.

2. Instant wrinkle cover for a firm and smooth skin texture
Its omni veil technology instantly removes traces of makup aging, as well as fills in, smootherens, and boosts firmness of skin texture. The technology reduces the texture thickness for long-lasting wrinkle and pore cover and is a smooth formula without stickiness that simultaneously reduces the feel of particles and smoothens skin bumps.

3. Not only tightly and meticulously covers blemishes, but also offers more long-lasting UV protection and moisture
Its Air Cell Pro Puff highly efficiently delivers content to skin for easy absorption and emission thanks to its double cell structure, as well as effectively, evenly, and meticulously covers skin blemishes. In addition, its new UV protection formula of SPF38, PA+++ index reinforces defense against and protection from photoaging due to UV-A.

Numbers and colors
N21 - Pink Vanilla Natural
N23 - Beige Natural
C21 - Pink Vanilla Cover
C23 - Beige Cover

15g + 15g (refill)
SPF38, PA+++

*Note: The colors of this product are fit for Asians like Korean, Japanese and Chinese.
**Note: This product is not compatible with other cushion foundation refill cases. (The size is different from other cushion products.)

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