HERA Gentle Cleansing Oil

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Light textured cleansing oil glides over the skin to wash away dirt and makeup for a clear complexion

All-cleansing power of coconut oil to completely remove even heavy makeup
This smart oil type cleansing product has a lightweight but less sticky texture that smoothly works to dissolve residual makeup and dirt, which is then quickly washed away by water. The coconut oil based formula is capable of completely removing heavy makeup with a smooth rub, and bringing back a naturally clean complexion.

Water soluble formula with Water Friendly System for easy and quick cleansing
Water Friendly System ensures that the oil is quickly and easily rinsed off with water. It feels light on the skin, but works effectively to cleanse and freshen up the skin in less time.

Citrus scent, the perfect refreshing end to your day
It starts with a refreshing citrus scent and finishes with a nice and soft feminine floral note after washing.

Capacity : 200ml

How to use

  • Take an adequate amount, apply all across the face and gently rub in to dissolve dirt and makeup.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • Rinsing with water is enough, but if you want to feel even more refreshed, wash the face using CREAMY CLEANSING FOAM for a moisturized and smooth complexion boost.
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