HERA Hyaluronic Mask

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A superfine fibres mask containing highly enriched hyaluronic acid that hydrates skin and improves elasticity

Hyaluronic acid is called as 'Moisture Magnet' because it can hold water upto 1,000 times than its own weight. This mask contains rich hyaluronic acid, so it is absorbed into skin and improves elasticity of skin.

Main Ingredients
- Hyaluronic acid : It is a naturally occurring component in the skin, which contributes significantly to keeping the skin moist and firm with its excellent moistureretaining capacity.
- ABcell 2.0™ : It is a cell mimetic born of Amore Pacific's technological innovation. It is the result of intensive research jointly conducted by the Amore Pacific R&D Center and Professor David Weitz of Physics & Applied Pysics at Harvard Univ. over a 6 year span, built upon the technology pertaining to Havard University's pending patent.

It is made of elastic superfine fibres, so it fits closely without air bubbles. And it is thick enough to hold a lot of formula without flow.

6 sheets

How to use
After using toner or skin softener at night, take it out of the pouch and attach on face. Leave 15~20 minutes and remove it. Gently pat and make the residue absorbed.

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