HERA Instant Cleansing Tissue

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  • HERA Instant Cleansing Tissue
  • HERA Instant Cleansing Tissue
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Refreshing cleansing wipes that stay fresh and moist right up until the very last sheet

Soft and fine-textured luxurious tissue
The luxurious tissue is made of Tencel-blended cotton. It allows for thorough and pliable cleansing along the curves around the nose as well as the eye area.

Brightening the skin
Acid-balanced type cleansing wipes drenched in Fruit Acid Complex with AHA derived from plants. It works mildly to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface for a clear and bright complexion.

30 sheets

How to use

Open the label up to 1/3 point then pull out a wipe. Make sure to close the label.
Remove makeup with a gentle swipe of wipe and wash the face with water.
(Don’t need to wash the face when fixing makeup.)

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