HERA Rouge Holic Shine

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Lipstick with stunningly beautiful color and luminous shine for voluptuous lips

Secret Color: the color you see is the color you get
Secret Color Technology allows ROUGE HOLIC SHINE to not get mixed with the lips’ natural color but stay true to its color when applied over the lips
(only limited to NO.88, 103, 150, 107, 245, 341, 411 and 432)

Incredible Touch: Innovative smooth glide-on texture
It has such an innovative long-wearing texture that smoothly glides over the lips and seamlessly blends in with the lips, leaving soft comfort.

Shining & Moisturizing Effect: Deep moisturizing action and a highly glossy finish
It delivers moisture deeply into the lips for a luminous, moisturized look. Low-viscosity wetting oil deeply goes into the skin to lock moisture in the skin for long-lasting deep hydration and a glowing finish.



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