HERA Sensual Aqua Lipstick

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Real color tinted lipstick with 40% water that glides over the lips effortlessly and sets to a matte finish

Color lasting up to eight hours without a touch-up

Color remains intact for up to eight hours. No more pink stains! Innovative tint lipstick with a real tinting effect offered in 10 colors.

*96% of respondents answered that the lip makeup lasts for eight hours without color fading. (Tested by Ellead Co., Ltd. with female subjects in their 20s and 30s)

Transforming watery matte texture that sets to a matte finish

Transforming texture provides moisture with a cool refreshing sensation in the hot summer and yet sets to a beautiful matte finish.
Fruit energy inspired 10-color spectrum
10 vivid colors flattering the skin for a bright, healthy look.


How to use

Don’t use a brush but apply the SENSUAL AQUA LIPSTICK from the inside of your lips and work outwards. Use the SENSUAL AQUA LIPSTICK alone to experience its special sensual touch over your lips.


No.335 - Shocking Strawberry


No.199 - Raspberry Sherbet


No.326 - Ripe Apple


No.244 - Sugar Peach Cream


No.278 - Candied Orange


No.317 - Delicate Lychee


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