HERA Sensual Powder Matte

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Liquid type urban soft matte lip makeup with a light coat of soft yet intense color and texture


The new SENSUAL POWDER MATTE, a light coat of a soft yet intense color and texture
Experience the romantic moments of Seoul and Seoulista.

A new soft matte smudging lip featuring matte finish that feels hydrating inside

Primer ingredients fill the curves of the lips and reduces the appearance of wrinkles for a soft matte finish, just like using a powder.
Shea butter reduces the flakiness and creates a natural smudged look of matte finish that feels hydrating inside.

Urban-vintage color spectrum for a brighter looking skin tone

This new series of urban vintage colors, featuring calm yet never-dull shades of vivid primary colors with an added drop of vintage vibe, create a bright and moody look.
The new High-Chroma technology realizes a clearer and brighter color.

Capacity: 5g


No.435 Pampas                                                                                       No.166 Hear Me

435.jpg  166.jpg

No.177 Seoul Daze                                                                                  No.333 Closer

177.jpg  333.jpg

No.499 Rosy Suede                                                                                 No.408 Trench Coat

499.jpg  408.jpg

No.90 Deja Vu


How to use

- Apply from the center working to the outer edge using the included applicator.
- Mix the product using the applicator to put it onto the tip evenly for a long-lasting matte finish.
- Blend the edge by gently tapping with the fingertips to create a natural smudged lip makeup look.

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