HERA Signia Luminesource Radiance Firming Serum

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Anti-aging serum with 2.4 million narcissus plant cells to give skin firmness and radiance

2.4 million narcissus plant cells to awaken the energy within the skin

2.4 million narcissus plant cells with enduring vitality to boost the skin’s natural fundamental strength.
Combining three naturally glowing gems and Cell Bio Technology, Golden PeptideTM purifies aged, dull and stiff skin while simultaneously improving the skin’s firmness to make it look supple giving it a glow that comes from within.
* Significant improvement observed in 10 items including skin’s firmness and clarity after six weeks of using LUMINESOURCE.

Supple and clear skin with the radiance of 3 gems

The secret of ancient queens found in the 3 gems
With extracts of three shining jewels - diamonds of Mughal queens, gold favored by Cleopatra and black pearls
from the ocean, LUMINESOURCE brings back a natural dewy glow to the skin.

Golden Liquid Formula that gets absorbed quickly and deeply

Golden Liquid Formula with pure Narcissus WaterTM extracted through a refinement process and drops of pure gold
The rich texture wraps the skin without any feeling of stickiness and penetrates the skin quickly and deeply to leave it feeling moisturized and refreshed.

Capacity : 40ml

How to Use

Jewel Core Zone care with SIGNIA LUMINESOURCE
- Pump 1-2 times after WATER in morning and at night and gently apply across the face.
- Massage as described below to take care of 10 points across the Jewel Core Zone for extra firming and glow.


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