HERA White Program Deep Cleansing Foam

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Cleansing Foam that both enzyme capsules bursting on the hands and rich foam easily remove dead skin cells and wastes in the pore

White Cray including rich Minerals completely removes impurities or sebum in the skin.
Papain enzyme capsules gently dissolved on the hands get rid of the old dead skin cells because the capsule is efficient in breaking down the protein.

You can wash the face with soft and rich foam, feeling like the lather is a "cushion" and it leaves the skin smooth after cleansing.


How to use
After rinsing the face lightly with lukewarm water, dispense an appropriate amount of the product onto your palm and lather.
At this time, the pink enzyme capsules burst on the hands.
Massage the face with foam.
Rinse enough with lukewarm water and finish by rinsing with cold water.

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