Innisfree Green Tea Seed Skin

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Moisture barrier-reinforced skin that cares for damage* caused by moisture loss and creates smooth, moist and soothing skin without stickiness

A water-formed skin containing triple biotics¹ including green tea lactic acid bacteria fermented lysate helps to strengthen the moisture barrier and cares for damage caused by moisture loss² to make the skin healthy.
¹Probiotics (green tea lactic acid bacteria fermentation lysate), prebiotics (trehalose), postbiotics (lactic acid)
²Dryness, texture, tightness, roughness, and brittleness caused by washing face or external stimuli

A formula containing beauty green tea ingredients and 5 types of hyaluronic acid, it solves complex skin problems caused by lack of moisture, and the moist and refreshing water texture containing panthenol soothes and soothes the skin.

Moist formulation with fortified ceramide and squalane ingredients forms a moisture barrier, preventing the skin from losing moisture from the outside in a dry environment.

Capacity: 160ml

How to Use
It is a water formula that is perfect for layering, so use it in various ways depending on your skin condition.

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