Innisfree Jeju Artemisia Repair Cream

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Honey sleep cream that contains Artemisia Repair Dressing™ ingredient and strengthens the skin's natural strength to provide a skin fatigue recovery effect as if from a good night's sleep

Mother's average sleep time of 5 hours a day* If the amount of sleep is insufficient, the amount of moisture in the skin decreases and the skin becomes brittle and the skin texture becomes rough due to an increase in the amount of dead skin cells.
Smart skin care that achieves many benefits while drastically reducing your skin care routine.
Enjoy the dual functional effect of wrinkle improvement/whitening without worrying about getting on your pillow with a moisturizing formula that spreads smoothly and is easily absorbed into the skin.
*KC Skin Clinical Center, survey results for 11 mothers

Jeju Artemisia Mugwort, which grows in the barren land of Jeju under the sea breeze, and has strong vitality, soothes the skin from external stress.
Especially, the wormwood Repair Dressing™, which provides a synergistic effect of Jeju wormwood extract and centella asiatica, provides excellent effects on skin concerns such as lack of moisture and protects the skin from external stimuli.

Capacity: 50ml

How to Use
After washing your face, take an appropriate amount at the step of using the cream, spread it gently on your face and neck, and pat to absorb.

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