Innisfree Jeju Lave Seawater Cream Mask

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A cream-cum-mask that cares for supple skin by filling it with powerful moisture energy.

Powerful moisture energy of lava seawater
Jeju lava seawater containing abundant minerals delivers insufficient moisture to various parts of the skin, providing a feeling of non-drying moisture.

Cooling and skin soothing care
It contains Jeju lava sea salt to temporarily soothe irritated skin from external stimuli, and when used frozen, a cool ice cream like a sherbet gives immediate skin cooling effect.

Multi-care with cream or mask
It is a multi-care product that can be used as a mask to complete the skin with abundant moisture by applying it thickly, and the elastic gel formula wraps the skin coolly.

*. It is a formulation that does not freeze even at -18℃ ~ -20℃. It can be used at room temperature, but it is better to keep it frozen.

Capacity: 60ml

How to Use
At the cream stage, take an appropriate amount with the built-in spatula and gently spread over the face and neck.
(You can feel the intensive care effect of the mask by applying it thickly to the areas that need moisture and elasticity.)

*When using frozen: Take out the product from the freezer, take an appropriate amount with the built-in spatula, place it on the area in need of moisture and soothing, and apply gently.

※ After use, wipe the cap and the container connection part well before storing.

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