Innisfree Olive Oil Serum

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Olive power activator (tocopherol, vitamin E, oleic acid) provides a strong moisturizing effect on dry skin, enhancing skin flexibility and creating a moisturizing film.

Creamy serum texture for moist and healthy skin

The creamy serum texture adheres to the skin thinly, delivering three levels of concentrated nutrition to dry skin, and olive oil forms a moisturizing layer to moisturize dry skin.

More moisturizing function

Vitamin E creates a moisturizing layer on the outermost layer of the skin to protect against moisture loss.

Golden olives overgrown with Mediterranean golden sunlight

Olive oil forms a dense moisturizing layer to moisturize dry skin.

Capacity: 50ml

How to use


Pump the serum twice, apply it to the face, press it gently with the warmth of your hands to finish it, and adhere to the skin for moisturizing care.

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