Innisfree Soybean Energy Lotion EX

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Anti-aging lotion that contains Jeju soybean fermentation undiluted solution and fermented oil to make skin firm and shiny

Effect of highly concentrated Jeju soybean ferment extract to enhance skin elasticity

Jeju soybean fermentation extract, which has undergone the 4th stage high concentration step, enhances skin elasticity and makes it strong and firm.

Enriched skin with Jeju soybean fermented oil

It contains fine-grained Jeju soybean fermentation oil, which not only strengthens the skin barrier, but also fills the skin's healthy shine.

Highly fit lotion with rich nutrition

It contains plant-derived squalane, which enhances the skin's moisturizing power, and the supple texture of the skin adheres to the skin and is absorbed without stickiness.

Capacity: 160ml

How to use

Take an appropriate amount and apply gently on the face.

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