Innisfree Soybean Energy Oil

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Anti-aging oil containing Jeju soybean fermented oil to fill the skin with healthy shine

Contains Jeju soybean fermentation oil to strengthen the skin barrier and provide skin shine

It contains fine-grained Jeju soybean fermentation oil, which not only strengthens the skin barrier, but also fills the skin with healthy shine.

Light texture that absorbs easily without bumping

Although it is an oil, it is a moisture-filled formulation that can be used even for oily and complex skin, which is quickly absorbed into the skin without any residual feeling.


It is a good item to use when the outside is oily and the inside is dry.

This is a good item to use when the skin is soft because the condition of the inside and outside of the skin is different.
[Tip] With natural fermentation energy essence, you can firmly care from the skin base.

Capacity: 30ml

How to use

It is used in the first step after using natural fermented energy essence or after cleansing.
Apply 2~3 drops of oil and apply it like a massage, then pat it gently with your palm for absorption.

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