Innisfree Truecare AC Soothing Ampoule

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Soothing ampoule for smooth skin texture without skin worries

Soothing ampoule that cares for dead skin cells, hydration, and skin barriers at once

When keratin accumulates, sebum and waste in the pores are not properly discharged and trapped, causing skin problems such as whiteheads.
The AC soothing ampoule opens the clogged pores, fills them with moisture and helps protect the skin, helping to care for the causes of skin problems.

Contains propolis and low-molecular hyaluronic acid from Jeju

It contains propolis extracted from honeycomb made by Jeju nature, low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid delivered quickly, and D-panthenol, which is excellent in strengthening the skin barrier.

Whitehead care for dry skin! Smooth moisture skin texture completed

Carefully cleans the whitehead, which is anxious for oily skin as well as dry skin, for a smooth, moist skin texture.
It has been tested for non-comedogenic that is suitable for use on troubled skin.

Capacity: 10ml * 4ea

How to use


After the toner, take an appropriate amount of 3~5 drops in the essence step, apply it on the face from the cheeks and forehead to the nose and mouth to absorb.

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