IOPE Derma Repair pH Balancing Cleansing Water

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Cleanses makeup and impurities, makes a healthy skin base with a weak acid formula

Healthy with a weakly acidic formula, cleanses perfectly with micellar cleansing ingredients
It cleans up makeup and wastes and makes a healthy skin base with a weak acid formula.

Efficacy ingredients for skin care
Contains plant-derived soothing essence ingredient - Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract, barrier-strengthening Functional ingredinet - Panthenol, Cotton Bloom ingredient.

10-Free Formula
It is a low-stimulant mild formula that does not contain 10 ingredients such as animal raw materials, fragrance, synthetic color, and sulfate surfactant.

Passed 3 pre-tests
Dermatologist, allergy, and alternative eye stimulation tested.


How to use
Dampen a cotton pad with cleansing water to wipe off face and remove makeup. Place the cotton pad for a while over the sensitive eye area and lip area for more careful cleansing.

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