IOPE Derma Trouble Cleanser

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Cleanser that relieves acne for a clear skin

Eliminating wastes in pores

Fine powder for trouble skin will clean wastes inside pores.

8-free formula

A reliable product with 8-free (animal ingredient/mineral oil/synthetic coloring/artificial fragrance/silicon oil/imidazolidinyl urea/triethanolamine/sulfate surfactant).

Passed the screening of functional cosmetics for relieving acne skin

Functional cosmetics for relieving acne skin (It is not a medicine for preventing and treating diseases).

Capacity: 150ml

How to Use

STEP 1.Take a coin-sized amount in your hands and lather into a foam.
STEP 2.Apply the lather of foam over your entire face and use your fingertips to massage the foam and cleanse your face.
STEP 3.Use lukewarm water to wash off the product.

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