IOPE Dual Lip Blender

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Combination of water fit lip stick& water fit tint lip balm
Care your lip keeping your lip moisturized and it bright and create natural gradation looking as if your lip is tinged from the inside.

Core lipstick: rich gloss with high gloss with soft application
Add sense of volume with high gloss lipstick containing oil. High gloss lipstick makes your lip well padded and elastic. This is glossy lipstick with good application.

Round tint lip balm: Smart tinting color depending on lip condition and lip moisturizing care
This is tint lip balm helping your lip moisturized and lively with “smart tinting” that finds optimum lip color depending on moisture level (pH) of lip and “power moisturizing care” by moisture protection membrane.


1 - Red Blending
2 - Burgundy Blending
3 - Pink Blending
4 - Orange Blending
5 - Rose Gold Blending


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