IOPE Hyaluronic Dual Mask

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A double moisturizing mask that combines hyaluronic acid spot patch and a hyaluronic acid sheet mask

Step 1 - Hyaluronic acid 100% spot patch
Freeze-dried hyaluronic acid spot patch is melted on the skin and then absorbed, providing moisture directly to the dry area.

Step 2 - A sheet mask that smoothly adheres
The hyaluronic acid sheet mask, which is smoothly adhered to the face, will fill the entire face with moisture.

Step 1(5mg), Step 2(23g)

How to use
1. After cleansing and applying a skin softener, then take out the spot patch (Formula 1) and apply it to the dry area, such as the areas around eyes or mouth.
2. With the spot patch attached, take out the sheet mask (Formula 2) and paste it on the face.
3. After 15 ~ 20 minutes, remove the sheet mask and remove the remaining mesh from the spot patch.
4. Pat gently to make the essence absorbed.

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