IOPE Men Pore Clean Mud Cleanser

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Mud pack cleanser that uses mud made in Korea to adsorb the sebum and micro bubbles to clean pores for pleasant feeling.

- Strong pore care : Mud made in Korea adsorbs the sebum to clean pores. This product is used like a face pack, twice a week when you feel the need for focused pore management.

- Refreshment by removing oiliness : Powder from nature removes oiliness to create soft and pleasant feeling.

- Spirulina component : Cleanser that contains spirulina component brings lively energy to the skin.


How to use
Take appropriate amount during face wash and make sufficient bubbles using water. Rub on your face as if to massage and wash thoroughly with water. When using this product as a mud pack, spread it out on dry face and wash your face after 2~3 minutes, once or twice a week.

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