IOPE Perfection Volume Mascara

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Easy volume mascara that gives you full, dark lashes with a swift touch.

  1. Helps you achieve the fullest lashes

    The deep black pigment creates defined, glamorous eye makeup.

  2. Meticulous volume that starts from the inner lashes

    The Easy Volume™ brush volumizes lashes from the inside with a single, soft touch.

  3. Strong against sweat and sebum

    The translucent film wraps around lashes without flaking and stays strong against sweat and sebum.

  4. Mascara that is easy on the eyes

    A gentle mascara with a lighter-than-water formula that washes off easily with lukewarm water. (Human testing completed)

Capacity : 8g

Color: Black

How to use

STEP 1 Brush your lashes from the roots in a zig-zag motion to apply the mascara evenly over your lashes.
STEP 2 When the mascara dries, use an eyelash curler to squeeze the lash roots for about 2 seconds. Adjust the force from the hand holding the eyelash curl to slowly curl your lashes into a C-shape.
STEP 3 Use the slim mini brush to apply mascara on your bottom lashes to achieve a more vivid, profound eye makeup look.


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