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Double layering ampoule with high concentration antioxidant energy of Super Plant Selanginella [Wrinkle improvement function]

1. Intensive antioxidant care activated just before use

The key ingredient, the second-generation annual pine flavonoid ™, was highly concentrated extracted and stabilized using Triple Hydro-block ™ technology. Just before use, it is delivered to the skin in a more fresh state by mixing with the 1st base ampoule, and it adds powerful antioxidant effects to make the skin elastic and vibrant. (1 bottle = recommended for 1 week use)

* Selanginella Flavonoid: Antioxidant and elastic efficacy ingredient extracted from the powerful plant 'Selanginella'

2. Base ampoule to purify skin fatigue and strengthen defense

The 1 ampoule ampoule containing probiotic lysate extracted from green tea, panthenol, and cone extract soothes tired and tired skin and firmly cares for the skin barrier.

* Green tea-derived probiotic lysate-strengthening barrier
* Panthenol-moisturizing, strengthening barrier
* Original extract – moisturizing, soothing, antioxidant

3. Moist texture without gaps

The moist and soft texture gives the skin a glowing nourishing glow.

8g X 4ea

How to use


When using the ampoule for the first time, hold the top of the product immediately before use, and turn the cap on the bottom to the right to mix the first and second agents.


Shake enough from side to side so that the contents are well mixed.


In the next step of the morning and evening skin, pump 2-3 times and gently apply it along the skin texture to the outside to absorb it.

A bottle of ampoule = 1 week is recommended. (Recommended to be used within 36 months after manufacturing / about a week after opening)

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