IOPE Super Vital Cream Bio Potential

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Advanced bio science to treat multiple signs of aging, slow down the premature aging process and boost the skin’s natural strength.

Regaining skin health through bio technology

IOPE helps boost the skin’s potential and its natural strength through Bio Aging Care to prevent the acceleration of aging and create a better future for the skin.

Bio Seletinoid 20

Slows down the premature aging process and strengthens the skin barrier to boost the skin’s natural defense.
*The first double functional ingredient by Amorepacific
*Obtained six patents in five countries


Strengthens the skin barrier and protects the skin from external environments
*Liposome-like ingredient from green tea probiotics
*Patented probiotic strain of Amorepacific

Skin vital signs improved after a single application

In the appearance Skin barrier, skin firmness, glow and texture

Improvement In theappearance of eight signsof premature aging after four weeks of use

In the appearance Blemishes / flaws (skin imperfections), skin tone, wrinkles, skin density, pores, moisture level in the skin, skin barrier and firmness

Skin remained improved during a one-week pause

In the appearance Skin barrier, skin firmness

Capacity: 40ml

How to Use


STEP1. Allow your skin to absorb the product used at the step right before cream in your skincare routine and apply an adequate amount.

STEP2. Gently sweep the skin in a V shape toward the pressure point on the ear using the middle joint of your finger.

STEP3. Slowly sweep the skin along the neck toward the collarbone from the pressure point on the ear and press gently.

STEP4. Press both palms deeply onto the cheeks, forehead and chin to allow the product to blend into the skin better.

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