IOPE Super Vital Cream Pact

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Cream pact that contains the antioxidants of Super Vital Cream, which cares for the skin and gives it a bright and radiant appearance.


1. Anti-aging functional makeup with excellent antioxidants

- Myricetin, an antioxidant extracted from Myrica rubra and vitamin C derivatives keep your skin clear and healthy. 

※ Myricetin: common antioxidant prescribed in IOPE Super Vital Cream

2. Bright and smooth skin represented

- Lavender coloured pearl pigments are blended to create a vivid and bright skin tone. Uni-fit pigments with an amino acid derivative coating that is skin-friendly and excellent in adhesion are double dispersed, making the skin thinner and smoother.

3. Giving moist and clear transparency, like you did skincare

- Water, a polyol (moisturizing) formula, and hyaluronic acid, which make up more than a third of the formulation, provide a moist and clear shine.

4. Simple and easy makeup

- The moisturizing ingredient, gel primer ingredient and foundation are all in one, so after the basic skincare, you can make a moist and smooth makeup only with Super Vital Cream Pact.


How to use


- If you want a light and smooth skin expression, take an appropriate amount and apply puffs to the skin to spread it slippery.


- For areas where you want to increase the cover, take the contents a little thicker and tap on it as if it were on your skin.


13 - Ivory


21 - Light Beige


23 - Natural Beige


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