IOPE Super Vital Cushion EX SPF50+ PA+++

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  • IOPE Super Vital Cushion
  • IOPE Super Vital Cushion EX SPF50+ PA+++
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Antiaging cushion that covers flaws with powerful coverage and provides Super Vital firmness and radiance.

1 Antiaging cushion that livens up the skin’s firmness and radiance
The Bio-Glycan™ component from IOPE’s Super Vital line brings out the skin’s firmness and radiance, while the antioxidating effects of the golden plant complex creates the look of healthy skin. *What is Bio-Glycan™? A core complex that strengthens the skin’s vitality based on *Glyco Biology, which is a next-generation bio-science.

2 Powerful coverage fully covers blemishes and freckles
Coverage components are dispersed throughout the moisture layer and oil layer, allowing the Layered Coverage™ technique to provide perfect coverage over fine lines, blemishes, and freckles.

3 Helps you achieve a healthy glow through an exuberant radiance
Golden mineral pearls and brilliant oils add radiance the skin, providing a luxurious glow.

Capacity : 16g + 16g(Refill)

SPF50+ PA+++


Note: The shades of this product are best for Asians like Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

How to use
STEP 1 Use during the makeup base or foundation stage after completing your skincare routine, or apply when you need sunblock or when retouching makeup in the afternoon. (May be used before or after makeup)
STEP 2 Before makeup, take a generous amount on the puff, then pat lightly along the direction of the skin’s texture.
STEP 3 After makeup, take the product onto the puff, then pat lightly.
*When no more product gets applied when with you press the cushion firmly with your fingers, this means the product was used up. Please replace the cushion with a refill.

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    a bit dark

    Posted by Hui on 6 / 20 / 2018

    its gold case looks luxurious, and cushion is moist and covers well. but the shades is a bit darker than other cushions.

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