IOPE Super Vital Mask

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Energy of super plant longevity pine tree
Contains enriched energies of Selaginella flavonoid, a key ingredient in Super Vital Cream, to deliver nutrition and vitality to tired skin.

New material cream mask
Flexible Cream Sheet ™ with cream is perfectly adhered along the face line for a tight and resilient skin care.

Cream-optimized mask texture
Soft, moist cream formula is delivered to your skin without thick feeling, and after removing the sheets, you can add extra flexibility to your skin by massage.

4 sheets

How to use
Apply it after using the essence or at the cream stage.
It is divided into upper and lower part. Open the lower tray of the mask first, and remove the film behind the mask.
Spread it to the shape of the face around the mouth area.
Open the upper tray to remove the film behind the mask, then carefully spread it along the face line.
After 20 minutes, remove the mask and gently roll the cream remaining on the skin to absorb.

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