IOPE The Vitamin C23

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An intense anti-aging ampoule that presents noticeable glow by removing freckles, blemishes, and lifting with pure vitamin C 23%

Glow density that removes all summer skin concerns at once

Taking care of summer skin concerns at once! Pure vitamin C 23%

Noticeable skin glow, brightening effect, and firmness effect that appears at once

Antioxidation synergy care (containing vitamin C, vitamin E, and pro-retinol)

Healthy skin energy granted with tight firmness and texture lifting effect through antioxidant care of multi-vitamin

Dual VitaC Formula™ independent patented form

Adheres and surrounds the loosened skin to create a firm and healthy moisturizing film on the skin

Skin changes felt in just five days

Skin made tight in just five days through intensive care of high-content vitamin C

Capacity: 17g

How to Use


STEP 01.Put three drops on each cheek around the cheekbone.
STEP 02.Roll and spread out along the skin texture in the order of cheeks → forehead → chin (neck).
STEP 03.Use the C-curl lifting motion to take care of skin firmness in the C zone, where poor firmness is noticeable.
STEP 04.Use fingers to check that the ampoule has turned sticky. Once the content becomes sticky, spread the next skincare product from inside out.

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