IOPE UV Shield Sun Anti-Pollution SDF50+ / PA++

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Total antipollution suncare that protects the skin from skin harmful environment such as fine dust and blue light as well as ultraviolet rays.

1. Skin protected from UV rays and fine dust

- IOPE’s exclusive Pollution Shield™ technology protects the skin from UV rays and fine dust.

2. Blocking blue light

- Blue light shield Power™ is tightly adhered, blocking blue light for healthy skin.

3. Light and fresh formulation

- Thanks to the hemispherical capsule technology, the product is applied lightly and stays fresh for a long time without stickiness.

4. Use also as a daily base makeup

- Naturally corrects the skin texture, creating a bright skin.


How to use


- At the final stage of basic care, apply an appropriate amount evenly and tap lightly to finish. Shake gently before use.

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