IOPE Vitamin E Ceramide Milk Softener

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A milk recipe that replenishes nutrients in the thirsty skin skin that has been deserted by the mask

Recommended for

1. Dry skin that does not fill even after applying it
2. Skin that is easily irritated and sensitive due to weakened skin barrier
3. Dull and dull skin caused by irregular sleep


1. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acids and micro collagen provide rich hydration.
2. Dioscorea japonica root extract helps skin retain moisture to improve its look and feel.
3. Gel-water texture helps skin absorb moisture more easily.


Antioxidant energy component of pure vitamin E
Strengthening the skin barrier with ceramides
Smooth skin texture with amino acid care
9-Free comfortable formula

Capacity: 150ml


How to Use


STEP 01. Wipeto Secondary Cleansing
In the first step of skin care after cleansing, wet a cotton pad and gently wipe it along the skin texture! Remove waste and absorb nutrients!

STEP 02. Quick drying escape
Take an appropriate amount and spread it all over your face!
Apply two or three more times to dry areas to cover moisture with the warmth of your palms!

STEP 03. Skin soothing pack
In the last step of skin care, wet a cotton pad sufficiently and apply it to sensitive areas to use as a soothing pack!

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