Laneige Essential Balancing Skin Refiner (Light)

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#Oily skinLight

#refreshing toner

It is a lightweight toner that refines the skin and balances the oil-moisture levels

It is a refreshing water type emulsion that’s light and easy to wipe off and gets absorbed into the skin.
It provides moisture to unbalanced oily skin making it feel refreshed.

Make skin moisturized and healthy, starting from the base of skincare!

SECRET 1. Light moisturizing toner

Light refreshing water type toner for oily skin that provides fresh moisture to oily looking skin

SECRET 2.Balancing moisture levels in the skin and providing a refreshing sensation

It has Micro Ion Water rich in minerals and niacinamide, which helps strengthen the skin’s barrier to boost the skin’s core hydration

SECRET 3.Clear skin complexion through anti-oxidation

Cotton extract and vitamin C derivatives to make the skin look clean and clear


Capacity: 200ml

How to use
-Use at the step of toner in the morning and at night. Soak a cotton pad with an appropriate amount (diameter 2.5cm/1ml)

-Gently wipe skin in the direction of skin texture, starting from the inside of the face and working outward

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