Laneige Focus Active Ampoule [Amino Acid]

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Experience instant skin care with a highly concentrated ampoule with active ingredients that have direct effects on your skin concerns.

A brightening ampoule that makes glowing, clear and transparent skin.

Anti-oxidant ampoule
The anti-oxidant effect of super berries makes the skin transparent.

Moisturizing glow
Amino acid, a natural moisturizing factor, adds moisturizing glow to the skin.

Skin tone-up by removing horny skin
In the next morning, unnecessary horny skin is removed to add vital energy to the tired skin.

Non-sticky ampoule
This ampoule can be used comfortably because it is non-sticky and has rich moisture.

8-free formula
A hypoallergic mild formula that does not contain 8 ingredients - animal raw material, mineral oil, artificial scent, coloring, silicon oil, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine.

7ml x 4

How to use
1. After using toner in the morning and evening, take about 0.5ml (3-5 drops) of the product on the back of the hand.
2. Spread it gently along the skin texture from inside to outside.
3. Pat lightly with your palm for absorption.

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