Laneige Focus Active Ampoule [Panthenol]

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Highly concentrated ampoule with active ingredients that directly act on your skin concerns.
Experience the quick and instant care.

Barrier strengthening ampoule
15,000 ppm of active Panthenol strengthens the skin barrier.

Damage care ampoule
Active Forest Yeast that derived from nature will take care of rough and damaged skin.

Healthy skin without dryness
Balancing oil and moisture of skin to keep healthy skin without dryness.

Soothing sensitive skin
Sooting sensitive skin irritated by frequent troubles when there is a lot of sebum secretion.*
*When secretion of sebum increases due to changes in external environment,etc.

Effects of 15,000 ppm of Panthenol
Laneige’s original low temperature extraction using sea water
Active ingredient Panthenol works as a moisturizing layer by activating epidermal regeneration and generation of a protective layer to reinforce the skin barrier and protect moisture from escaping.

8-free formula
A hypoallergic mild formula that does not contain 8 ingredients - animal raw material, mineral oil, artificial scent, coloring, silicon oil, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine.

7ml x 4

How to use
1. After using toner in the morning and evening, take about 0.5ml (3-5 drops) of the product on the back of the hand.
2. Spread it gently along the skin texture from inside to outside.
3. Pat lightly with your palm for absorption.

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