Laneige Focus Active Ampoule [Soy Peptide]

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Experience instant skin care with a highly concentrated ampoule with active ingredients that have direct effects on your skin concerns.

An anti-aging ampoule that takes care of elasticity, wrinkle, moisturizing and nourishment at once.

Elastic ampoule
Soy peptide ingredient made by concentrating low molecular weight polypeptide from beans takes intense care of skin elasticity.

Resilient and young-looking skin
Musk mellow water, special elasticity water of Laneige, makes moist, resilient and young-looking skin.

Tight nourishment
This highly concentrated ampoule with rich nutrients helps make tight and glossy skin.

8-free formula
A hypoallergic mild formula that does not contain 8 ingredients - animal raw material, mineral oil, artificial scent, coloring, silicon oil, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine.

7ml x 4

How to use
1. After using toner in the morning and evening, take about 0.5ml (3-5 drops) of the product on the back of the hand.
2. Spread it gently along the skin texture from inside to outside.
3. Pat lightly with your palm for absorption.

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