Laneige Lash-fessional Mascara

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  • Laneige Lash-Fessional Mascara
  • Laneige Lash-Fessional Mascara
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Professional mascara that lifts up even each hidden strand curl up, volumize up, fix up!

Curls up and lengthens eyelashes to the end with a hard red curling brush.
Adds volume to coat even the hidden strand with a soft black volume brush.
Long-lasting strong fix without stickiness/smudging/flakes.


How to use
Apply mascara in a zigzag move, with the brush curve facing upwards, as if lifting eyelashes from the roots. Let it dry for about 15 seconds and apply one more layer from the roots, with the brush curve facing downwards this time, to add more volume. Use the smooth tip of the brush and apply mascara on the front of the eyes and lower-lashes.

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