Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm

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  • Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm - Pink Peach
  • Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm - Juicy Plum
  • Laneige Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm - Fresh Lime
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1. Moisturizing properties upgraded using the Moisture Locking System and three-fruit seed extracts
Moisture locking effect by preventing evaporation : Apricot kernel oil, Peach kernel oil, Prune pit oil, Evaporation of moisture.

2. Low-viscosity wetting oil from the Watery Melting System gives the formula a light, smooth texture
The low-viscosity wetting oil in what is called Water Melting System seeps deep into skin.
Watery texture for a "refreshing yet moisturizing" effect.

3. The color can be adjusted to your liking since it reacts to your natural lip color and moisture levels 
Tint reacts to moisture thanks to the moisture tinting effect.
Giving the lips a brighter, more natural transparent tint



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