Laneige Water Sleeping Mask [LAVENDER]

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Sleep-tox™ is a intensive hydrating sleep mask that purifies the skin in the morning while making it feel refreshed, clear and vital.

SECRET 1. Revitalize tired skin, Sleep-Tox™

Sliptox™ technology, stabilizing natural evening primrose and hunja apricot extracts, purifies tired skin during the day in a clear and vibrant night.

SECRET 2. Moisutre Wrap™ that closely absorbs the efficacy

Hydro-ion mineral water and Slip-Tox™ effects are contained in a breathable moisture membrane network, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed closely while sleeping.

SECRET 3. Comfortable and clean relaxing effect, lavender scent

It is a comfortable and clean scent made by combining Slipcent™ and lavender scent. It is a scent that gives a comfortable relaxing effect to tired skin.

Capacity : 70ml

How to Use

After applying 2-3 times a week at the last stage of skin care, you can sleep without washing your face.
※ If your skin is particularly dry, you can layer 2-3 times before applying.

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