Laneige White Dew Emulsion

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Moisturizing brightening emulsion that bursts on the skin’s surface for hydrated and bright skin

SECRET 1. Mela-vita Crusher™ technology for a whole new level of brightening

With the water based advanced brightening technology, it fills melanin (melanocyte) with moisture and brightens up the skin, even dark spots

SECRET 2. Brightening through natural saururus chinensis extract

Saururus chinensis extract, natural skin brightening ingredient derived from plants works mild to brighten up the skin

SECRET 3. Double instant moisturizing & brightening effect

Sugar from water based phyto sugar water works quickly to instantly provide hydration and keep the skin moisturized for long hours


How to use

Use as skincare in the morning and at night, after using toner. Dispense an appropriate amount (diameter 1.8cm/ 0,4ml).

Then lightly apply in order of Cheeks > Forehead > Nose > Skin around the mouth > Neck, starting from the inside and working outward.

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