Lirikos Marine Deep Clear Cleansing Water

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Cleansing water that removes traces on the sand and moisturizes the skin, and cleans up skin wastes and makeup and leaves the skin moisturized

Lirikos Marine Deep Clear Cleansing Water that cleans up skin wastes and makeup with Micellar Water Technology and maintains a pH of 5.5 to create a powerful moisture film!

Capacity: 180 ml

Clean cleaning power
It contains Marine Crystal ClearTM, so it absorbs even skin wastes and makeup between wrinkles and wipes them clean.
※ Marine Crystal-ClearTM: Sea Salt 100ppm, contains Micellar Water

Moist moisturizing
By maintaining PH5, it keeps the moisture film good for the skin and contains deep ocean water and oxygen water to deliver a deep moisturizing feeling, creating a vibrant and moisturizing film.

Smooth skin texture
It is a light but deep moisturizing formula that moisturizes and smoothes the skin texture.
※ Because it contains natural ingredients, small particles or sediment may be seen, but the product is not abnormal.

How to use

Use within 12 months of opening the product

After moistening the contents with a cotton pad, gently wipe the entire face. Point makeup is gently wiped off by gently pressing for 5-10 seconds.

* You do not need to wash your face separately, but if you want to wash your face, we recommend that you wipe it gently with lukewarm water.

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