Lirikos Perfect Collagen Cushion XP

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Higher anti-aging cushion with high content of collagen giving skin firm elasticity and transparent sheen and cover

Firm skin care with high-content collagen
It contains 25.16% of collagen Ⅰ type, which is the basis of skin elasticity, and many collagen Ⅲ types on baby's skin, making the lost skin firm.

Enhanced moisturizing anti-aging skin care
It contains 3 kinds of vitamin derivatives (vitamin B5 (panthenol), vitamin E derivatives, and vitamin P), chlorella, which has antioxidant properties for skin, and 605m deep sea water drawn from deep water to make it more moisturized.

Super close lifting high cover
The vegetable wax component that forms a strong film on the skin's surface is made small in micro-emulsion size, so it adheres smoothly to the skin and realizes a lifting feeling, while applying a patented cover powder that is completely dispersed in water and oil to make a thin but dense double cover Implement the effect.

Clearer and more transparent shine
Adding a transparent powder in the form of a regular hexagonal crystal forms a thin and transparent reflective film on the skin.


21 natural beige


23 warm beige


How to use

<In the morning makeup>
1. After using the skincare product, use it at sunscreen or foundation.
2. After taking a sufficient amount of the contents into the puff, pat lightly on the face.
3. The more you tap, the faster it will adhere to you for smooth skin.

<When making makeup>
Take the contents of the puff and apply it by tapping lightly.

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