Lirikos Waterfit Cover Pact SPF50/PA+++

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Gives fresh moisture, soothes the skin,
Long Lasting Glow Cover & Pleasant
Even a soft finish!
Different water filling cover pact from water

Deep sea water ampoule essence contains 62.5% of water
Deep Sea Ampoule Water Essence, consisting of deep ocean water, hyaluronic acid, etc.
It treats tired skin and creates moisturized, glowing skin.

Contains soothing ingredients and 5-fold proof effect by makeup
Calamine, Madecassoside, Aloe Extract, etc. to treat the skin & create makeup that can withstand extreme conditions by being resistant to fine dust, sebum, sweat, water, and seawater.

Powerful long lasting cover up pact all day.
The high-cover foundation is applied without clumping through a dense mesh, perfectly covering blemishes, irregularities, and wrinkles, and absorbs excessively secreted sweat and sebum to create a long lasting makeup that does not crumble without stickiness throughout the day.



21 natural beige


23 warm beige


How to use

<In the morning makeup>

1. After using the skincare product, use it at sunscreen or foundation.
2. Tap or sweep the puff onto the mesh net to take the contents and spread it over the skin.
3. If you tap and apply additionally to the area that requires a detailed cover, you can make clean makeup without defects.

<When making makeup>

Take the contents of the puff and apply it by tapping lightly.
※ Due to the nature of the cream foundation formulation, some contents may be deposited on the mesh of the new product.
If you press the mesh net hard, the contents may overflow, so press it lightly.

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