Mamonde Aqua Glow Ball Base

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A makeup primer that gives radiant and hydrated skin

The aqua base, which contains the lonicer aflower extract, moisturizes the skin and makes it easy to use with any foundation.
The fine pearl of the glow ball containing pearl powder that reflects light effectively, corrects skin imperfections and makes skin shines gently.
Glow balls and moisturizing ingredients keep your skin moist and moisturized for long periods of time, enhancing makeup adhesion and durability.



Green Ball
- Natural glow
- Good for oily or combination skin
- Quick absorption

Golden Ball
- Volumizing glow
- Good for dry, or water-deficient oily skin
- Instant moisturizing
- Contains 150 ppm of gold

How to use
Apply to the entire face gently in the first step of makeup.
If you apply too much amount, makeup may go bad, so please release a small amount of it and make it absorbed well as it melts.


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