Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask

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Containing 2,000ppm of flower extract, ultra-fit mask that effectively delivers nutrients to your skin.

Flower filtering care effect
2,000 ppm of flower extract filtered three times, it is effectively absorbed into the skin by the compacted particles, helps to make the skin healthier.

3 types of essence by skin type
3 types of essences, customized to your skin type and skin worries

  • Jelly type essence
    Gently absorbed into the skin and gives a soothing effect
  • Serum type essence
    Moisturizes and keeps your skin moist with fresh feeling
  • Emulsion type essence
    Gives skin a shine with rich nutrition

10 sheets

Hydrating (Narcissus) - serum type essence mask
Brightening (Magnolia) - serum type essence mask
Moisturizing (Rose) - serum type essence mask
Antiaging (Camellia) - emulsion type essence mask
Soothing (Calendula) - jelly type essence mask
Nourishing (Evening Primrose) - emulsion type essence mask
Lifting (Honeysuckle) - serum type essence mask
Lively (Pomegranate) - serum type essence mask
Deep moisturizing (Hibiscus) - emulsion type essence mask
Pore care (Eoseongcho) - jelly type essence mask

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