Mamonde Pore Clean Intensive Peeling

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Intensive peeling with heartleaf houttuynias that cleanly disposes of blackheads, whiteheads and lodged dead skin cells, enabling the creation of a smooth skin texture

Heartleaf houttuynias that have been grown in a healthy and environmentally-friendly manner
Containing scrub ingredients and heartleaf houttuynia leaves that have been grown in Goryeong in Gyeongsangbuk-do, it cleanly disposes of blackheads and sebum.

Mild peeling due to naturally-derived ingredients
The ingredient, cellulose, derived from the bark of the jezo spruce and Siebold's beech softens lodged dead skin cells, aiding in their gentle elimination.

Skin texture that is moist and smooth
Naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients consisting of the amino acid group do not cause skin pulling even after washing the face and keep it moist.


How to use
After washing the face (after getting rid of any moisture), take an appropriate amount and spread and apply evenly across the entire face, excluding the area around the eyes and lips.
After massaging for around approximately 30 seconds, when dead skin cells lodged within the skin have gently come out, rinse clean with water.
It is appropriate to use once or twice a week but the number of times can be adjusted according to the condition of the skin.



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